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Quest Disposal & Recycling provides all exterior & interior demolition services for commercial industrial and municipal clients. Sound environmental practices, as well as high health and safety standards have always been at the core of Quest Disposal, as we enforce our business principles through the knowledge of our leadership team, the professionalism of our staff and our collective industry experience.

Since every project has its unique deconstruction challenges, we always make it a top priority to exceed our industry’s safety and environmental standards so that regardless of the scope and complexity of your project, you can rest assured you will receive the same efficient results.

We provide Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Selective, Demolition & Decommission Services in addition to:

All the materials generated through our interior and exterior removal are sorted, recycled or reused to maximize the sustainability and efficiency of our process.

Metals are broken down and sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous types.

Wood products are segregated and broken down through a shredding process to be reused as landscaping mulch, animal bedding or alternative landfill cover.

Concrete debris is broken down from large dimension pieces, through the use of crushing equipment.

Waste materials generated on-site are safely hauled to an approved landfill site for disposal.

Reclaimed building products are evaluated through our skill asset recovery team. Salvaged items such as wooden beams, historical items can be carefully removed for reuse.

Hazardous Waste materials such as asbestos, lead based materials, chemicals and other harmful contaminated products are evaluated. Trained staff will remediate and remove all materials.

Hazardous Waste


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